For Tenants

If you’re a retail tenant seeking locations in the Boroughs of New York City, Long Island and Westchester County markets, Metro Commercial and Business Brokers, Inc. may be the ideal brokerage to entrust with your expansion search.

Our 50 years of collective experience living and working in this market means we understand each neighborhood and their retail requirements and the status of competitors in all of those areas.  We will almost instantly understand where to focus our attention for each prospective tenant so that little effort is wasted and a detailed exploration of appropriate markets is expedited.  Additionally we will make the effort to ensure that your next location will not cannibalize existing locations or be vulnerable to “out positioning” by a competitor in the future.

Our knowledge gained by experience is supported, however, by our ability to analyze each market using the latest demographic techniques and programs that can create maps that highlight targeted demographic groups.  Let us formulate for you an expansion plan and prioritize the development of the local market in a logical and practical manner as we have done for New York Sports Clubs, McDonald’s, CVS, Boston Markets, Rainbow Shops and other fine retailers.





Metro Commercial & Business Brokers, Inc.