For Landlords

Metro Commercial and Business Brokers, Inc. was established in 1988 and is dedicated to the service of owners of retail and commercial properties.  Additionally, our locations in East Meadow, Nassau County, and East Northport, Suffolk County, and our concentration on the Boroughs of New York City, Long Island and Westchester County retail market specifically enables "Metro" to keep in touch in a way that other firms are not able to match.

The Metro brokers understand and know their market.  We know all the prominent Landlords, the zoning and approval processes for various municipalities, and the local leasing representatives for many of the chain stores now expanding as well as numerous successful local businesses that may be looking to expand.  We will be familiar with all the retail markets and shopping centers and quite often, the details on retail properties whether they are currently available or not and, most importantly, their rent potential, the result of a collective 50 years of experience in dealing with local owners and businesspersons.  If you want to deal with brokers who know what is going on now and what has gone on in the past, Metro Commercial and Business Brokers, Inc. is your company.

Additionally, Metro is experienced in assessing the financial feasibility or potential return on a new development or investment purchase.  Development costs and expertise in rate of return calculations tempered by experience in actual projects results in unmatched abilities in this field.

As a marketing organization, our primary goal is to sell or lease retail sites as quickly as possible to qualified buyers or tenants at the highest attainable purchase price or rents.  As your "outside" expert, we'll let you know how your property "fits" into the market place, and exactly what we intend to do to accomplish your goal.

As an exclusive agent, Metro Commercial and Business Brokers, Inc. would propose to assume an overall responsibility for marketing of the project.  This includes overseeing all direct sales efforts of "Metro" as well as coordinating the efforts of the brokerage community.  As a non-exclusive agent we would give a project our best efforts but we would be precluded from a more elaborate and involved marketing campaign.


A) Direct Sales

1) Personal Canvassing
The most important aspect of the entire marketing campaign is a direct sales effort through personal contact with all prospective Tenants for a site.  We will contact directly all other cooperating brokers and retailers that may be appropriate for this site.  Indeed, we are well known to many such companies already and our track record of quality offerings ensures that our proposal will be given serious consideration by prospective Tenants.

Our extensive canvassing and documenting of retail space in our target market enables us to provide valuable input on market data to landlords, owners, developers, and tenants.  Decisions regarding the use and development of retail site can be made more effectively with this information.

2) Boroughs of New York City, Long Island and Westchester County
Our familiarity with the target market area is unmatched.  “Metro” has twenty-three years of experience in the sale and leasing of retail sites in this market.  CVS Drug Stores, New York Sports Clubs, Rainbow Shops, Jiffy Lube, Rite Aid, Staples, McDonalds, Home Depot, Capital One Bank, TD Bank, Boston Market, Radio Shack and Blockbuster Video are just a few companies whose placements were the result of direct contact of an appropriate customer with the right site in mind.  Additionally, we have sold sites to regional and national development companies.

B) Marketing Tools

1) Brochures
We are capable of producing quality color brochures and packages to insure a professional presentation to all prospective tenants.  We will coordinate into our package materials provided by yourself (i.e.: survey and/or site plan) and include demographic information, competition maps, photos, aerials, etc.

2) Direct Contact
An integral part of the direct sales effort will be mailings (email and postal) to both prospective buyers and the brokerage community.  Initially, brochures and general information will be sent to the appropriate selected prospective Tenants to be followed up with personal calls.  We will persist in contacting those Tenants deemed to be the most ideal for this development site.

3) Internet Marketing
As the Internet and other forms of marketing increase in importance, Metro increasingly takes advantage of what they have to offer.  Metro utilizes Loopnet, Showcase and other commercial real estate listing sites routinely with increasing success as their popularity and utility increases.  We make the effort to properly post our listings so that web searchers understand and are attracted to our listings.


"Metro" believes in cooperating with the professional retail sales and leasing brokerage community.  We will help relieve you of the responsibility of having to deal with the many brokers who call and yet we will present their legitimate offerings in an organized and coherent manner.  As we have done in other projects, we define the needs to other brokers, and pass along all offers without prejudice to the owner.

Other brokers are anxious to work with us because of our reputation for integrity and our purpose is to best serve the landlord by giving all offers equal weight.


A) Securing Offers
After a prospect has been identified, we will initially qualify the Tenant, present the advantages of your site in Elmontand explore the Tenant’s suitability for this site.  We will try to assist the Tenant and Landlord with any questions both may have and serve as a good liaison to facilitate a lease agreement.  While ultimate decision making authority lies in the hands of the Landlord, "Metro's" advice may be very trusted and helpful.

B) Reporting
"Metro" will, as it always has, report on the status of all prospective Tenants and proposals on a timely basis.  Proposals will be forwarded immediately, as will rejections, and feedback from all contacted Tenants will flow continuously.  Offers will be detailed reducing the chance of later impasses.


Metro Commercial & Business Brokers, Inc.